IIVRVF Objectives

  • IIV RVF intend to establish, promote & maintain high ethical and professional standards of practice and professional conduct of all its registered valuers, and shall prevent fraudulent behavior and malfeasance in their conduct and safeguard the rights, interests and independence of its Registered Valuers in all matters affecting the profession.
  • IIV RVF shall promote good professionalism, ethical conduct and competency of Registered Valuers by ensuring quality & transparency in valuation work and shall develop the profession of Registered valuers.
  • IIV RVF shall enroll, educate, train, promote, develop and regulate Registered Valuers as per the Registered Valuers Rules and shall ensure continuous professional development of the Registered valuers.
  • IIV RVF shall ensure compliance and redressal of Registered Valuers grievances from all respects as per Registered Valuers Rules.