Important Decisions taken in Meetings with IBBI:-

1.Security Audit: RVOs shall get the security audit conducted by an accredited agency and submit report of the same to the Board.

2.Determine Quality of Valuation Reports: RVOs are required to conduct peer review of valuation reports for this financial year i.e. 2020-2021 which would be followed by a workshop to discuss the findings. RVOs shall analyze the judgments of adjudicating authority, or any other judicial forum wherein adverse remarks have been made against the valuation report or valuer members

3.Valuations Job under Companies Act, 2013/ Insolvency Bankruptcy Code: Registered Valuers are requested not to undertake any Valuation Job under Companies Act, 2013/ Insolvency Bankruptcy Code from any person who is not IP/RVE( Vide Circular no. IBBI / RV/019/2018 dated 17.10.18 that provides IPs and RVE can only appoint Registered Valuers after 31.01.19 to conduct the Valuation job under the IBBI Code). However, being a Registered Valuer, one can undertake the Valuation job relating to Assets or Liabilities of a Company directly from the Company itself.