IIV RVF Monitoring Policy

IIV India Registered Valuers Foundation
(Formerly known as "Royal Registered Valuers Foundation (India)")

Monitoring Policy:-
The organization have a Monitoring Committee having the following Members (here in after referred to as the said committee in short)

  • ) Mr. Tushar Ravindra Naik -- CHAIRMAN
  • Mr. Biswajit Mazumder -- MEMBER
  • Mr. R. Sugumar-- MEMBER

Purpose of the policy
This policy sets out the IIV INDIA REGISTERED VALUERS FOUNDATION’s approach to monitoring members and students, the responsibilities of officials with respect to that monitoring.

Core Principles
  • IIV INDIA REGISTERED VALUERS FOUNDATION should have a clear idea of the benefits that monitoring will bring and must be able to justify these against any adverse impact on members, staff or students
  • Members, Staff and students need to be made aware of the nature, extent and reasons for any monitoring which is likely to take place
  • Members, Staff and students are expected to abide by the current policies and procedures in place and take responsibility for their own conduct
  • Specific monitoring may be carried out in line with statutory requirements laid by IBBI.
What will be monitored?
  • Registration process
  • Studies
  • Professional Development
  • Financial transparency
  • Statutory Compliances
What will not be monitored?
  • Registration process

(The above monitoring policy have the scope improve further)