IIV RVF Grievance Redressal Policy

As per IIV India Registered Valuers Foundation
(Formerly known as "Royal Registered Valuers Foundation (India)")

The Organisation has the following Grievance Redressal Policy providing the procedure for receiving, processing, redressing and disclosing grievances against the Organisation or any member of the Organisation.

The Members of the Grievance Redressal Committee (here in after referred to as the said committee in short) are as follows: -

  • Mr. Nelson Leo Francis Xavier -- CHAIRPERSON
  • Mr. Santosh Tonpe -- MEMBER
  • Mr. Harbanslal Longani -- MEMBER
1.1 The following persons are eligible for lodging complaints:-
  • Any valid member of the Organisation
  • Any person who has engaged the services of the concerned members of the Organisation
  • Any other person or class of persons as may be provided by the Governing Board.
1.2 The said committee, after examining the grievance, may-
  • Dismiss the grievance, if it is devoid of merit, by recording the reason thereof.
  • Initiate a conciliation proceeding between parties for redressal of grievance, in appropriate cases.
1.3 The said Committee shall refer the matter to the Disciplinary Committee, wherever the grievance warrants disciplinary action, considering the nature/gravity of the case. In this connection the decision of the said committee is final. -
  • Mr. Nelson Leo Francis Xavier -- CHAIRPERSON
  • Mr. Sundarapandian K. -- Member
  • Mr. S. N. Misra (IBBI Representative) -- Member
2. The format and manner for filing grievances
Grievances shall be communicated in writing preferably on the prescribed format (Annexure A and B ), which is also available on demand from the office of the organization and must include the following:
  • The said committee will initiate the facts finding process by considering the relevant documents.
  • The said committee will issue of show-cause notice based on the facts upon the member against whom the complaint is lodged, asking him to reply to the show cause within a period of fortnight.
  • Disposal of the reply to the show-cause notice by a reasoned order, following principles of natural justice. In this regard the concern member should be given an opportunity of being heard by following the principle of natural justice.
  • The disposal of show cause notice will be made within a period of 4 weeks from the date receipt of the reply to the show cause notice.
  • While conducting the disciplinary proceedings by the said committee, the disciplinary committee will hear all the concerned parties by an giving opportunity of being heard as per the principles of the natural justice. The committee shall also allow both the parties to rely upon the relevant documents in support of their cases. In any event only the concerned parties would be allowed to represent their cases before the said committee.
2) After hearing both the parties and considering the relevant documents, relied upon both the parties, the said committee will pass the reasoned order within a period of 4 weeks from the date of conclusion of said proceedings. The said Committee has the power to pass the following orders as it deems fit and proper-
  • Name, Address and designation of the complainant along with the registration number if he/she is a member of the organisation.
  • E-mail address of the complainant, where the complaint is sent by post.
  • Registration number of the Registered Valuer and RVO membership number against whom complaint is made
  • Nature and details of the case to which the complaint relates
  • Legible copies of documents, if any, to ascertain or support the complaint must be attached.
2.1Maximum time and format for acknowledging receipt of a grievance. The complaint should be lodged with the organization as per the prescribed manner by the complainant at the earliest within the reasonable time but not later than 2 months from the date of occurrence. However, the said time limit can be extended by the said committee if sufficient ground is shown by the complainant up to the satisfaction of the committee. In this regard the decision of the said committee is final. -

3) Maximum time for the disposal of the grievance by way of dismissal, reference to the Disciplinary Committee or the initiation of mediation.

3.1 Every grievance shall be disposed off within a period of 30 days from the receipt of all necessary information as well as the relevant papers required by the said committee.
3.2 Acknowledging receipt of a grievance -
An acknowledgement shall be sent by the said committee to the complainant within seven working days of the receipt of the grievance and shall contain:
  • Date of receipt of complaint/grievance
  • Unique Grievance Number
  • Name, Designation and Contact details of the members of the said committee.
4)Details of the mediation mechanism
4.1 After receiving the complaint, if the member of the said committee think it proper to settle the grievance by way of conciliation between the parties, the said committee will hear both the parties on a date fixed after giving reasonable opportunity to place their grievances and will try to find out mediation mechanism to redress the grievances. In that event the said committee will pass appropriate order, which will be binding upon both the parties.

5) Provision of a report of the grievance and mediation proceedings to the parties to the grievance upon dismissal or resolution of the grievance.
5.1 The decision of the said committee either in case of dismissal of grievance or resolution of the grievance will be communicated to the complainant and concerned parties within the stipulated time said above.

6) Action to be taken in case of malicious or false complaints
6.1 In case the said Committee, on investigation of the complaint, finds that a false complaint has been made or that a complaint has been made with a malicious intent, the Committee shall take such reasonable steps forthwith as they deem necessary to curb the initiation of such false and malicious complaints. The decision of the said committee is final in this regard.
6.2 A mere inability to provide adequate proof to substantiate the complaint shall not be construed as false and malicious complaint.

7) Maintenance of a register of grievances made and resolutions arrived at. The Organisation shall preserve records in physical or digital pertaining to grievance/complaint received, resolution and closure of the grievance for 5 years.

8) Periodic review of the Grievance Redressal Mechanism. There will be periodic review of the entire mechanism twice in a year to streamline the said mechanism.