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IIV RVF is the rallying point for Enterprises/ Business Firms / Technical Firms in India. It has improved Indian Business, in changing times.

Welcome to IIV India Registered Valuers Foundation

IIV RVF intend to establish, promote & maintain high ethical and professional standards of practice and professional conduct of all its registered valuers, and shall prevent fraudulent behavior and malfeasance in their conduct and safeguard the rights, interests and independence of its Registered Valuers in all matters affecting the profession.


Land and Building

Some assets are easier to value than others, the details of valuation vary from asset to asset, and the uncertainty associated...

Plant and Machinery

The creation of assets in the form of Machinery and Plants is an indicator of the health of the Manufacturing sector.

Securities or Financial Assets

Financial assets include cash and those assets that can be easily and quickly converted into known amount of cash. Normally, cash, short term investments.

IIV RVF Course Schedules

IIV RVF Offers IBBI Approved valuations courses and valuation examinations for registered valuers to be conducted by IIV RVF and valuation examination conducted by IBBI.


IIV RVF Activities

  • Developing the eligible members from Approved Valuers to Registered Valuers
  • IIV RVF is to promote and develop the profession of Valuers
  • Organize Services like Research, Publications of e-Journals
  • Organizing of Valuation Seminars and Programmes.
  • Nationalized Membership of over 1500+ Business associations
  • Valuation Courses for the Student, Professionals, Technocrats and other disciplines

Who Should attend the Course

  • Finance Professionals/Consultants
  • Securities Professionals
  • Banking/Insurance Professionals
  • Valuers
  • Financial/Business Analysts
  • Engineers
  • Academicians
  • CMD/CEO/CFO/Director/GM/Finance Heads

More Features

Nationalized Membership of over 1000+ individuals and Business Associations.

Code of Conduct

Described Valuer's Code of Conduct as per "clause (g) of rule 7 and clause (d) of sub-rule (2) of rule 12"


IIVRVF promotes the practicing professionals in the public and private, Governmental and Non Governmental sector.


These bye-laws may not be amended, except in accordance with this Annexure.

Governing Board

Governing Board of IIV RVF which handles all operations and activities.

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Providing basic Knowledge to Professional Engineers / Structural Engineers / Approved Valuers / Certified Engineers with code of conduct in related field of practicing.Create a platform for certified engineers and Valuers for certification of various structures.

Our Team

Alone, we can do so little; together we can do so much, here is the IIV RVF Team

Iliyas Amin Shaikh

Managing Director & CEO

Anjum Amin Shaikh